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Over 3.5 million .uk
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Nov 2004
New advanced servers
Sept 2003
New advanced control panel available.
FEB 2002

We offer Domain registrations.
November 2001
New .biz and .info
domains available.
May 2001
New hosting on Unix servers available.
April 2001
We offer new
Domains as alternative to .com
March 2001
Hosting on Windows 2000 servers offered.
December 2000
Hosting on NT Servers

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Domain Name?
How do I search for a domain name?
Why would I need a Domain name?
Can I contact the naming authority directly?
Do I need a web site to have a domain name?
What Free services do you offer?
Should I purchase a .com or name?



What is a Domain Name?
A Domain name allows users of the Internet to find you by an easily identifiable method, rather than a long set of numerical numbers.
How do I search for a domain name?
You can use our search box on the domain page or the bottem of this page, which will search the relevant names databases. Simply enter the domain name in the search box, select the type of domain type by using the drop down menu then click on search. It will tell you if the domain name is available.
Why would I need a Domain name?
There are many good reasons for registering your domain name.
1. People will be able to find you easily on the Internet.
2. It portrays a more professional image for your company.
3. You can receive emails from your domain, again portraying a more professional and business like image.
4. Once you register your domain no-one can use it other an you, as long as you pay the relevant naming authority fees.
Can I contact the naming authority directly?
Yes you can register your domain name with the naming authority. The direct registration fee is 80 (plus VAT) for UK domain names which is payable in advance. Also the naming fees after two years are currently a further 80, whereas with us these are just 19 per 2 years.
Do I need a web site to have a domain name?
No you do not need a web site. You can secure your name and still use it for email purposes with our email forwarding service. When you are ready to have a web site we can instantly activate your domain name for you.
What Free services do you offer?
With every domain name registered we offer,
Free email forwarding service
Free web forwarding service
Free domain name parking
Free domain transfer
Free web based domain control panel
Should I purchase a .com or name?
Companies with offices and trade relationships worldwide generally prefer .com names. It portrays a global image, and carries more "kudos", but as a down side it doesn't immediately reveal your whereabouts. So for a company mainly trading in the UK a .UK domain may be a better alternative.
The best choice however is to register both.
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