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Over 3.5 million .uk
domain names have now been registred.
(Source NIC UK)

Sept 2003
New advanced control panel available.
FEB 2002

We offer Domain registrations.
November 2001
New .biz and .info
domains available.
May 2001
New hosting on Unix servers available.
April 2001
We offer new
Domains as alternative to .com
March 2001
Hosting on Windows 2000 servers offered.
December 2000
Hosting on NT Servers

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we combine low cost domain name registration with high quality services, and no hidden costs.

All domain registrations come with:

Domain Name Registration:
we will secure your domain name with the relevant naming authority.
Naming Fee's Paid:
We will pay the relevant naming authorities fee's.
Name Server Mapping:
To comply with name registration regulations your domain name will be mapped on two computers permanently connected to the Internet, configured as name servers.
FREE Email forwarding service:
All emails received at your domain can be forwarded automatically to any existing email address. (I.e. forwarded transparently to
FREE Web forwarding service:
If you already have a web site or plan to use free space provided by our ISP this service is a must.
FREE Domain Transfer if required:
we make no charges for transferring your domain name.

FREE Domain online control panel:
You have full control of all services on your domain name such as email and web forwarding.

NO Hidden Costs

FREE Services

No hidden charges and no set up fees

Just use the search box below to check if your domain name is available.

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Over 20,000 domain names are being registered every day.
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We offer the same high standards of service to all our customers from large corporate clients to private individuals.

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